The garden grows

This tiny plot of land earned me the nickname, the “Midnight Gardener.”  (I could be found outside at midnight due to long work hours).  It started on Thanksgiving 2009 when, on a whim, I bought some ranunculus bulbs at Costco.  They were pretty and I wanted to add some color to my wasteland of a yard.  The tiny space below was actually a square shape  (and the extended patio was not there).  The space contained a rose bush and bermuda grass.

I painstakingly removed bermuda grass from one long row against the house.  I then planted the ranunculus.

During the next couple of months, I went larger: I added the first part of the extended patio, cutting it at an angle to make the small garden more interesting ( also cut out a small rectangular garden on the other side as seen below).

Little by little, I added Canna Wyoming and Canna Tropicanna, Hot Pockets, a Fig Tree, Agave, fountain grass and more.  The Canna Wyoming has grown outrageously but the Canna Tropicanna is stunted – anyone know why?

Roxy pokes her head out to see what I’m up to.

(It’s Cody’s turn to stick his head out and see what I am up to!)

The side cutout garden has more Canna Wyoming and Canna Tropicanna, as well as Birds of Paradise, Wandering Jew, Geraniums and grass that grows red at its tips (anyone know the name?  The only similar grass I could find online is Beni Kaze Japanese grass.  It was not labeled at my nursery).

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