The Girls Got New Digs

8 days hatched – Sunday, July 25th:

The girls needed new digs . . . it was a combination of the fact that they had almost outgrown their little plastic bin and the fact that I have house guests coming tonight and don’t want one of the bathrooms taken over by chicks . . .  so, their next home is in the garage.  I have them in an extra-large dog crate, which is wonderful because they have more room to move about, are definitely staying further away from the heat lamp, get less mess in their food and water and have room for a perch to start practicing . . .

The girls in their crate:

Dallas checks me out

Soda Pop my Easter Egger

Two-Bit the Golden Laced Wyandotte

Two-Bit struts

Cherry in her new digs

Cherry on her new perch

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