The Introduction of a Light Brahma

28 Days Hatched. Sunday, Aug 15th.

Line-up at the tomato corral:

Line-up at the Tomato Corral

But do you notice anything unusual?  Check again!

A new bird: a beautiful Brahma

Her family had to re-home her because she was in danger of becoming a coyote snack.  Today is her first day with us and she is adjusting to our little flock.  She does like to be in the thick of things:

Little Brahma in the thick of things

Lil’ Brahma is only a few days younger than the birds in my flock but their is a noticeable size difference.    Brahmas, it turns out, are slow to mature physically.  But they are known for their sweet personalities.

Lucky for Lil’ Brahma, she is small enough to get in and out of the big girls’ crate at will.  That is lucky for her because some of them pick on her as they are getting to know her.

Sad Little Brahma!

But so easy to please!

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One Response to The Introduction of a Light Brahma

  1. Rosie says:

    Aww. She’s adorable!

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