The Girls Get a Scary Visit From a CAT

29 Days Hatched. Monday, Aug 16th:

The girls were enjoying a bit of sunshine today . . .

Our new light Brahma, who my daughter insists needs to be called Johnny-Cade in keeping with the Outsiders theme, and who can get in and out between her cage and the big girls’ cage, decided to enjoy a little solitary time:

Johnny-Cade the new light Brahma

The girls’ enjoyment was interrupted by their first surprise visit from a CAT!  They immediately pretended to be statute-chickens.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Truth be told, Jake (the kitty) appeared to have no interest in the chicks and was merely interested in getting some attention from the chicken-photographer.  In fact, he jumped on my shoulders . . .

Jake thinks my shoulders are his perch

But not before stopping to make biscuits:

Someone is making biscuits

The girls were very tired from their adventure:

Sleepy Pullets


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