A muggy summer day

30 Days Hatched. Tuesday, Aug 17th.

Cherry is one of our friendliest birds:

Johnny-Cade, our new little Brahma-girl, likes Cherry, our Plymouth Barred Rock, best.  She seems to feel safe around her.

Cherry & Johnny-Cade

And of all the girls, our sweet little Brahma is least afraid of Jake the cat:

But following Johnny-Cades example, and for the sake of organic fresh-picked tomatoes, all the girls soon forgot about Jake:

You may be wondering why I push the tomatoes through the bars.  Chickens are a little short-sighted.  They seem to believe that the tomato I am giving them is the VERY BEST tomato and ignore any others that fall to the ground.  The result is that they scrabble over the piece I am giving them.  By pushing multiple pieces through the bars, they are less likely to fight over them.

Johnny-Cade in action

Cherry & Two-Bit

Cherry & Dallas

Soda Pop, Pony Boy & Cherry

Cherry is either an attention-hog or a tomato-hog . . .

Cherry & Pony Boy, more than the others, look almost like miniature chickens:

Miniature Chickens

Once inside, the girls scrabbled for choice seed, another favorite dessert.

Johnny-Cade likes to roost on me whenever I sit down.

Johnny-Cade Roosting

Seed scrabble:

Cherry and the Girls

I can’t ever catch this picture but Cherry always meets my eyes

Cherry Gaze

Dallas looks like a delicious chicken breast sandwich:

Dallas, the chicken breast sandwich

But eventually, all of the girls preen and settle down.

Nightly Preening Routine

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