Our New Brahma Has Started Some Serious Nonsense!

31 Days Hatched. Wednesday, Aug 18th:

It started on Tuesday.  Our new little Brahma, Johnny-Cade, likes to roost on me whenever I sit down near her.

On Tuesday, Johnny-Cade was minding her own business on my leg, when Soda Pop, who seems to be head of the pecking order, jumped up next to her.

Soda Pop

With a little flurry of feathers, Johnny-Cade quickly scrambled up to my shoulder for the first time.

Along comes Cherry, the lover of the group.  With her Cherry Gaze, she immediately notices Johnny-Cade up on my shoulder.  Not to be outdone, with a flap of her feathers, Cherry flies to my shoulder, simultaneously ousting Johnny-Cade.

Cherry Gaze


Cute, right?  Except that this morning when I went in to feed the girls breakfast, upon crouching down, Cherry immediately flew to my shoulder.

Even Dallas and Soda Pop have begun perching on my leg.

Dallas & Soda Pop

Whereupon Soda Pop promptly flew to the top of the cage:

Pony Boy also decided to perch on me.

Speaking of Pony Boy, check out her wingspan:

Pony Boy Wingspan

And Two-Bit knows she is beautiful:

Pretty Two-Bit

Eventually, all of the girls get ready for bed.

Preen Time


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