The girls move into their new digs

34 Days Hatched. Saturday, Aug 21st:

I took the girls to their new coop and run today.

The girls in their new coop!

Johnny-Cade was the first adventurous pullet to venture out of the coop and into the run.

Cherry was the next one out.

The rest of the girls were curious.

Soda Pop decided to just fly down.

Pony Boy decided to give it a try.

And then changed her mind.

Pony Boy chickens out

But changed her mind again.

But not before Dallas gave it a whirl.Two-Bit ventured out as well.Pretty soon all the girls were exploring the new run.

Except Johnny-Cade, who wanted a little human company.

Cherry began behaving strangely . . . Pony Boy and I wondered if she was hurt.But no . . . she just decided to have her first dust bath.

On an even more positive note, Johnny-Cade is fully integrated!  I read that it is easier to start chickens together in a new coop.  If you have been reading this, you know that Johnny-Cade joined our flock last Sunday.  She has not been fully integrated until today, i.e., she has been sleeping separately.  Tonight, when I went to check on the girls in their new coop, she was sleeping in a massive pile of pullets!

pullet pile

Although they didn’t realize that they were supposed to sleep the coop until I put them there.And enjoyed a little midnight snack before turning in.

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