Another day in the henhouse

36 Days Hatched. Monday, Aug 23rd:

Soda Pop has recently decided that she must fly to my shoulder when I walk in.  She thinks it is the best way to get treats.

Soda Pop on my shoulder

When I sat down, she flew to my knee but didn’t realize that rayon blends are slippery.

Soda Pop slipping off of my leg

Cherry shook off the dust before greeting me.

Cherry in action

Dust-free, Cherry is a stately bird.

Cherry & Dallas surmised that they could get on the fast-track to treats if they got behind me and blocked my exit.

Two-Bit waited patiently.


All of the girls enjoyed their treats.

The girls also met the dogs.  Cody didn’t know what to make of them.

Roxy was also interested in the girls.

Johnny-Cade, in particular, was not worried about Roxy.

Even when she noticed her.

“Ruff, ruff,” said Roxy.  And all of the girls disappeared.

And retreated into the safety of the coop, Johnny-Cade leading.

Once the sun set, we went to check on them and found them in a pullet pile on the ground.

Caitlyn gave them treats, though, and they were happy to go into the coop to sleep.

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