I started the artichokes from seed and then moved them into a raised garden bed to grow a bit.  Once they were fairly established, I moved them into the yard.  I don’t have to protect these plants from the dogs the way I have to protect most of my vegetables but they needed to be large enough for the dogs not to trod on them!  Plus, I would like them to be part of the permanent landscaping.

Some people have a difficult time transferring artichokes due to the long taproot, however, my raised garden beds use a very friable soil – Mel’s Mix (equal parts compost, vermiculite & peat moss) for Square Foot Gardening.  The soil is friable so it is easy to pull up the long taproot undisturbed.  I grew and moved 4 artichoke plants and they all survived!

When transplanting them, I dug a hole large enough for the long taproot.  I placed the artichokes in and filled the hole with compost.   I watered them daily with sun-warmed water until they were established.

I let the first artichoke flower:

Flowering Artichoke

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3 Responses to Artichoke

  1. PBPD says:

    Hey… pretty neat. This year was the first time my family used a raised bed, and we love the results. Our plants are tomatoes, bell peppers, & zucchini.

  2. yschulte says:

    Raised beds do make vegetable gardening sooo much easier in my experience! Thanks for reading!

  3. yvonne says:

    Note to square foot gardeners growing artichoke: my personal preference is to grow these outside of my square foot beds. (Although I use the square foot beds to grow them larger before planting). They take up too much of my precious space in the raised bed. Plus, they are perennial. In other words, they would occupy the same space for years! With plants like that (artichoke and asparagus), I plant them elsewhere. Anyway, the plants are pretty and can be kept in the landscaping. Plus, my dogs can’t reach any edible parts if they lift a leg by it (sorry – but it is a consideration for me with my large dogs – my raised beds are tucked away from the dogs!).

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