A Success in the Chicken Coop!

7 Weeks Hatched. Saturday, Sept. 4th:  The girls were waiting eagerly for treats!

They wanted to know what I was bringing in.

Pony Boy spied something delicious.

Then Soda Pop, followed by Two-Bit, Johnny-Cade, Cherry & Dallas.

Yum!  Honey Dew Melon.  Delicious!

And . . . what is that new delicious stuff?  Yogurt?

Moments later, yogurt was everywhere as the girls eagerly devoured it.

On my way out, Jake wondered where his treats were.

Later in the afternoon, Caitlyn took some red seedless grapes to the girls.  We had heard many tales of a chicken’s love for grapes but their interest was lackluster at best.

They were enthusiastic about seeds, however.

The birds really enjoy their perches.

And, finally – a success!  Chickens with no coop will intuitively roost in trees to protect themselves.  Young ones generally learn from older chickens.  But sometimes baby chicks have no idea that they should roost.

Night after night, I would check on the girls and find them huddled in a corner of the run.  I prefer they roost because I don’t want their warm huddled scent to be too enticing to the local possums.  So, each night, I would pick them up and place them in the coop on a roosting bar.  In the morning, I would know that they stayed because of the . . . uh . . . fertilizer under the roosting bar.

Finally, tonight, when I went to check on them, they were on the roosting bar!

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