51 Days Hatched. Tuesday, Sept. 7th:

Chickens are fantastic pets.  Cherry likes to fly to my shoulder when I enter the run.Johnny-Cade and Soda Pop also fly to my shoulders most days.

Johnny-Cade also loves to look out the window, waiting for the day she and the other girls are big enough to roam the garden safely.

The bigger girls also love to perch and watch what is happening is outside.

Some of the chickens like to take dust baths as well.

And watermelon and seeds are favorites.For the fourth night in a row, the girls were roosting by themselves at dusk.  I have read that by the time they are six months old, their pecking order will be fully established.  I understand that their roosting position will be fixed by that time.  Apparently, they get to go to the roost in the order of their hierarchy.  For now,though, they do seem to change a little bit each night, but Soda Pop, who I have guessed will be the top of the pecking order, has been first 3 out of 4 nights.  Soda Pop and Dallas have been the first two every night so far.

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