8 weeks hatched: chicken ballet addendum

I was doing a little early evening gardening and decided to try to let the girls out into the garden.  While I plan on allowing them to free range, I haven’t done that yet for a few reasons: (1) they need to know where their home is; and (2) until they get big and heavy, they can fly pretty high.  I don’t want them getting lost in Los Angeles!  Evening seemed a good time to do it because I figured that as soon as it got dark, they would naturally head for “home.”

I opened the door to the run and began gardening nearby.  While Soda Pop and Johnny-Cade were interested, neither came out very far.The girls seemed to prefer foraging through the weeds I was tossing in.After a while, I tossed some seeds outside the run door and the chickens came rushing out.The girls noticed some delicious weeds nearby.After eating a bit, Soda Pop stopped to preen.Cherry headed for the asparagus bed.The girls were a little flustered when Jake dropped by.But continued eating after a brief pause.At some point, the girls stood at attention and seemed to be very concerned about something Jake and I could not see.They turned and filed into the run and into the coopand began a ballet of positioning themselves on the roosting bars.  When I peeked in, Soda Pop was on the third, and highest, roosting bar.  Johnny-Cade and Pony Boy were on the second roosting bar.Pony Boy flew to the highest bar and Cherry flew to the first, and lowest, bar and then flew to the second with Johnny-Cade.  Johnny-Cade joined Soda Pop and Pony Boy, leaving Cherry behind.Dallas flew to the first bar and then joined Cherry on the second.Two-Bit joined Dallas and Cherry.Two-Bit joined the top roost.Dallas joined the top roost next.Finally they were joined by Cherrywho smooshed everyone down the bar before settling in.

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