61 Days Hatched. Friday, Sept. 17th:

I love mornings with the chickens.

And I found this lovely guy among the squashAnd our Jake lying in the fried straw-like Bermuda grass.  This is the only cat I’ve ever had that does not mind being filthy.The girls were excited to get out this afternoon.They went to bed at the usual time.  Except Johnny-Cade, who flew to my shoulder and wouldn’t come down.xThe rest of the girls began their ballet.And Johnny-Cade finally joined.What’s interesting is that for the last two nights, Soda Pop has flown to the highest bar and the other girls have stayed on the middle one.  Soda Pop stays on the top bar and talks to the other girls.  I am not sure whether she is telling them to stay there or to join her.

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