Egg News

For anyone following (anyone? anyone?), it’s been a while.  A touch of sadness has kept me from the keyboard.  But in brighter news, some of the girls have become egg factories.

Below is Saturday’s egg “catch.” The one on the right appears white but it is really green like the one in the egg carton above.

The green egg to the right can only be laid by Soda Pop because she is our Easter Egger chicken.

And the one that is second from the right with the pink tone was laid by our Australorp, Dallas.And all the way to the left, the egg was laid by our Barred Rock, Cherry.But the second one from the left is a mystery.  I’ve been getting them every day but I haven’t caught anyone in the act.  It could be Johnny-Cade, our Light Brahma:or Pony Boy, our Buff Orpington:or Two-Bit, our Golden Laced Wyandotte:Can’t wait to discover who is laying.  And for the remaining girls to begin laying.

And all of the girls have been enjoying a little rest and relaxation in the garden. 

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2 Responses to Egg News

  1. Shona says:

    I’m following. Hope all is well.

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