Drama in the Henhouse

It started on Saturday when I noticed big drops of blood in the coop and run.  A little panicky, I looked for the cause.  My Australorp, Dallas, had blood on one of her feet.  It looked like part of her nail had been torn off.  Thinking it would be okay, I let them out to forage.  An hour later, I noticed Ms. Dallas was standing stork-like and was still bleeding.  I called a vet recommended by another chicken-owner and they were able to squeeze her in. Ms. Dallas was transported by cat carrier to the vet!

Emergency vet visit: $160; Farm fresh eggs: priceless

Well, it turns out I way overreacted!  The vet fixed her up with a little Quik Stop and told me to keep her separate for a couple of days.  I asked the vet whether the separation would cause any flock-issues but she said no!

Over Saturday and Sunday, Dallas lived in an extra large dog crate in my garage and we became fast friends.  I brought her lots of grubs sifted from my raised garden beds (waiting for the Spring planting) and she would chirp at me sweetly when I walked in.  She also got romaine, seeds and scratch.

Garage Girl

On Monday, I turned her loose in the yard with the other girls.  To my surprise and horror, she was immediately attacked by all of the other girls!  I know it is part of the animal world, but it broke my heart!  (And made me resentful against my favorite birds).  After watching half an hour of it, I scooped Dallas up and took her back to the garage.  She was so bummed!

The only plan I could come up with was to stick her in with the girls while they were sleeping.  I have read that sometimes chickens accept whomever they wake up with.  And it worked like a charm!  The girls were all friends again in the morning!

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