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Sunshine! and Spring starts

The sun came out again in Southern California and no one was more excited than Jake.and Codyand the girlsIn the garden, the cabbages are filling outThe potatoes are growingThe tomatoes are mostly in, with concrete mesh cagesThe radishes are over … Continue reading

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I try to think of ways to add garden space in my yard in a place where the veggies won’t be trampled on by my dear Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I have wanted to use the side yard but my dogs love … Continue reading

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German Christmas

It is raining hard in Southern California and while we need the rain, I miss my weekend gardening.  And what I really wanted to do this weekend was check my bee hive to see how the bees are progressing, whether … Continue reading

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Work in progress

The garden and the chickens are a work in progress.  I started this season with the idea that I would obscure each bed with netting:But they quickly figured out how to get in and devoured my starts!Plan B: fencing off … Continue reading

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Having chickens = embarrassing my teen

But I’ll get to that.  The morning started swimmingly.  Johnny-cade led the egg laying.Most of the other girls lined up.You can see to the left of the above picture the lengths I go to in order to keep the hens … Continue reading

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Exciting news for the girls!

Up until now, to let the chickens free in the yard, I have had to keep the dogs in (at least one of them).  But . . .  exciting news!  We put a fence up so they can have their … Continue reading

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Spring Gardening Chicken-Style

My girls are pretty good gardeners.  But sometimes they miss the concept . . .  For example, they seem to think mulch is for the concrete.Cherry in my unkempt garden.Johnny-Cade and Cherry.Johnny-Cade and Dallas.Pony Boy seeks treats elsewhere in the … Continue reading

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