Having chickens = embarrassing my teen

But I’ll get to that.  The morning started swimmingly.  Johnny-cade led the egg laying.Most of the other girls lined up.You can see to the left of the above picture the lengths I go to in order to keep the hens out of the raised garden beds (That one is my asparagus bed with a sole pepper and tomato).  But once in a while one of the little turds (Dallas) flies in and lays waste to a perfectly manicured bed.Disaster!

Incidentally, this is my new system for keeping track of the crops.And finally . . . the bit about embarrassing my teen.  We went out for Korean BBQ today (delicious!)  Lately, when we go out, I ask for a box to wrap up the scraps of things no one has any business taking.  Today, that included salad, potato salad, glass noodles and a variety of other unknown green stuff.  The servers seemed baffled and my daughter was mortified!  But it was worth it . . . seems the girls love Korean food as well!

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One Response to Having chickens = embarrassing my teen

  1. drlajohn says:

    I know you guys are out in Los Angeles–I was born and raised there. However, I’m now in Maryland. I just thought you might want to let your followers who may be from my part of the country know about an awesome opportunity. The University of Maryland is sponsoring the Mid-Atlantic Small Flock Poultry Expo on Feb 4 2012. It is a whole day of workshops, classes and activities targeted at back yard chicken lovers. Check out all the details at http://carroll.umd.edu/ag/poultry.cfm

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