Spring Fever

Today Los Angeles hit record highs and everyone got Spring fever!  Lazy Jake took a nap on a bale of straw.Meanwhile, if you’re interested in hearing what the hens sound like when they lay, play the video below.  It is the only time they are outrageously loud.  I can’t get close because they stop laying and come over to me!

The girls also love being pet!  They crouch for petting and chirp adorably.

The cast of characters:

Pony Boy:

Johnny-Cade:Soda Pop (on left) and Two-Bit (on right):Dallas:Cherry:In the fall, my neighbor gave me some of her delicious Chayote.  This sweet tropical squash is nothing like what can be purchased at the store.  A single vine can produce 50 squash the first year and several hundred in subsequent years.  It is a perennial but the vines die down over the winter and then regrow in the Spring.  To grow it, it must be sprouted from a Chayote.  Luckily, they sprout easily if you leave them on a counter.  The chickens got the first vines but thankfully it is re-sprouting.  Hopefully I will get some this year!

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