Garden Update

I intersperse flowers with my vegetables in order to bring my bees to pollinate.  The bees are loving my sunflowers right now – see her stuffed pollen sacs?Other friendly bugs are in my garden.I started growing Trombetta di Albenga this year.Today I harvested my first Trombetta.  It was absolutely delicious!  This is how I cooked it:  I added Olive Oil to the pan and added 2 cloves of minced garlic.  Fried those up a bit.

I next added one Trombetta, thinly sliced, and another clove of minced garlic.

I cooked it for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

In the last minute, I added some fresh French Tarragon leaves and a healthy handful of a fresh parmesan/romano mix.

My Kamo Kamo, a traditional pumpkin-style squash of the Maori of New Zealand has started its climb.  It is used as both a summer and a winter squash!The cucumbers are coming in.Some eggplant is forming.There are a lot of green tomatoes!And the Sungold cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen!

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