New Hobby: Bee Rescue

I’ve have a new hobby!  Bee rescue with the Backwards Beekeepers.  Today, I joined Roberta and Rob in removing a hive from a tangerine tree in Culver City.  We finished at 10 p.m.!  This hive had built comb out on the branches.  The way that we “rescued” the bee hive (live removal as opposed to exterminating them) was to clip the branches around it and then to saw off the branch they were on, with one person holding it.  Then we guided the branch into a box.  Best to let the pictures demonstrate:

Hive in the Middle of the Branches

Closer shot of the bees

Beautiful Honeycomb

Rob holding the hive, safely down

Close up on the hive

Bees packed on the truck!

Our job is finished!

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5 Responses to New Hobby: Bee Rescue

  1. Great post! Thanks Yvonne, really appreciate your help, couldn’t have done it without you. And great blog btw…now following 🙂


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