Bee Rescue in Norwalk

Roberta and I headed down to Norwalk to help a family with two issues: bees in a stucco wall and a bee hive in a tree.  We took apart part of the stucco wall with a sledgehammer and pulled out the honeycomb!  It was a dwindling hive that needed no removal.  They had no queen and no brood and were dying out.  The wall, however, needs to be removed or filled to prevent more bees from moving in.

Honeycomb in a Stucco Wall

We pulled out all of the honeycomb.

Lots of Honeycomb

The family also had a hive in a tree.  This required a trap out – a trap that would allow the bees to get out but not back in!

Tree Hive

The concept works like a backwards fish trap.

Fish Trap - fish get in but not out

Tree Trap Out

Bees can get out but not back in.  We place a box near the hole and the bees move into the box when they can’t get back into their hive.  In a week or two, we come and get a box of bees (at night when they are all home) and move them to a new home!

Trap Out Completed

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One Response to Bee Rescue in Norwalk

  1. Judy says:

    I also have a hive in a tree I would like it to be removed, please let me know if you can help?

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