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74 Days Hatched. Thursday, Sept. 30th:

We are still in Paris but my friend sent me a chicken-video update.  Despite record heat, the girls are fine.  Of course, their home is well-shaded! Advertisements

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67 Days Hatched. Thursday, Sept. 23rd:

The day we left for Paris, it was business as usual for the animals. Jake was just being lazyRoxy and Cody had no idea we were leaving:(And the girls just ate lettuce!

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66 Days Hatched. Wednesday, Sept. 22nd:

The girls got more pudding today.Soda Pop loves my shoulder.Pony Boy was hoping for some outside time.Cherry and Two-Bit played ring around the rosie.

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65 Days Hatched. Tuesday, Sept. 21st:

Everyone should have chickens in their backyard.I gave the girls some homemade pudding today.  They loved it.Then Johnny-Cade hopped up for some attention.Tired from the day, they tucked themselves in.

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64 Days Hatched. Monday, Sept. 20th:

My daughter and I are getting ready to leave for Paris this week – no updates for a bit 😦 – so my time with the chickens is short, as will be this update: Dallas and Cherry.The fluffy Johnny-Cade.Soda Pop … Continue reading

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63 Days Hatched. Sunday, Sept. 19th:

Three were hanging in the coopThree on the groundbut they all came running when I opened the doorMy first cantaloupe was ready todayThe girls and I enjoyed it very much!And they wondered what this giant ufo-looking pattypan squash was!Dallas caught … Continue reading

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9 Weeks Hatched. Saturday, Sept. 18th:

The girls were all enjoying the outdoor roosting bar when I stopped by to visit them.  Aren’t they adorable?Look!  Cherry is wearing camouflage.The other girls were foraging. Pony Boy and Johnny-Cade also like to watch out the door. Soda Pop … Continue reading

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