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A Busy Garden

The chickens are laying a lot The result of busy foraging The lettuce is readyThe snow and sugar snap peas are taking offThe beans are floweringThe beans provide nitrogen for the cornThe Thyme is floweringThe yellow zucchini is fruitingThe cucumber … Continue reading

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Sunshine! and Spring starts

The sun came out again in Southern California and no one was more excited than Jake.and Codyand the girlsIn the garden, the cabbages are filling outThe potatoes are growingThe tomatoes are mostly in, with concrete mesh cagesThe radishes are over … Continue reading

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I try to think of ways to add garden space in my yard in a place where the veggies won’t be trampled on by my dear Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I have wanted to use the side yard but my dogs love … Continue reading

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Goals for 2010

2010 is my learning curve year – I am spending this year growing but really taking note of how long each vegetable takes to grow, what conditions they grow well in and how much space they use!  The learning curve … Continue reading

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